How to Effectively Prepare for a Cycling Competition

Cycling competitions are a great avenue to test your cycling skills and compete with top cyclists. To be competitive, you have to prepare adequately for the racing event. Preparation is a continuous process which can be done for two months or even a year before the event. Here are some ways you can best prepare for such a competition.

1. Cycle for Enough Hours

Two to three months before the competition, you should train by cycling for sessions of about two hours. While training, ensure you get good rest. It is recommended you rest twice a week. If possible, you should cycle for a time equivalent to the expected competition time. The session time should be progressive, making the training more intense as time goes by.

2. Train on Different Terrains

This means that you should cycle on flat ground, uphill and also downsloping areas. In most racecourses, there are different gradients. It is good to prepare how to face them. In uphill areas, train on an incline of about 10%.

3. Learn to Ride With a Group

Whether it is your first time racing or not, it is important to train in groups. Such training will help you avoid accidents while on track. If you are preparing for team competition, you should practice drafting. Train to maintain a reasonable distance behind other cyclers. When switching positions, always remember to alert other members in the group.

4. Embark on Less Intense Sessions a Week Before the Race

In the last training week, it is recommended that you adopt a short and gentle session. Go for easy and quick rides. They will help you stay in good form and avoid burn out.

5. Check Your Bike and Pack All the Necessities

Ensure you check whether your bike is in good condition on the night before the race. Also remember to pack the repair kit, water and all race necessities.