What You Need to Know Before Your First Family Cycling Adventure

A family cycle ride is a fantastic way to get active with your loved ones. And whether you are an avid cyclist or an average rider, biking with kids is an entirely new experience.

As you plan to embark on your first family ride, it is imperative to do some planning. That said, here are some top tips that will help you make the most of your family cycle ride.

Get the Right Bike

If your kids are just getting started with riding, you should be thinking of getting them the right bike. And if they already have bikes, you need to ensure that the cycle is of the right size, considering that kids grow so fast. So you need to have bikes that they can ride without hitting their knees on the handlebar.

Do Some Servicing

Are the bikes in roadworthy condition? Make sure that all bikes are in perfect working order. This means that the gears, brakes, rims, and tyres are in excellent condition. The best way to get prepared is to take them to a bike shop and have them serviced.

Get Some Practice

It is always advisable to do a couple of practice rides before the main day. As much as your kids might know how to ride, some practice goes a long way in getting them ready. As you exercise, you might also be required to remind them of basic cycling rules. Also, practising before the adventure also helps you understand how to pace yourselves.

Plan the Route

Where will you ride? The choice of cycling route largely depends on your kids’ age. For starters, kids below 10 years are advised to stick to trails and pavements, but not on the roads. But if they are old enough and know how to read road signs, you have them ride on the road.

Make sure you have a good time, which is what family rides are about.